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Marina V4


The MARINA is the culmination of 11 years of paddling board experience, experimentation and feedback from you.

  • Dimension: 11'6 x 31"
  • Avg. Weight: 26 lb
  • Capacity: 225 lb

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New For Bahia Marina V4

  • Bamboo Top and Bottom
  • Kevlar Sides
  • Double Layer Deck Padding


We made sure these were built lightweight but strong by using the best materials including real Bamboo veneers, kevlar, hybrid foams and resins, all hand crafted to our exacting standards.

Finally a board that is fast enough to compete on and easy enough to teach your friends on. You can even enjoy your board sitting by using the optional tie downs for a cooler seat or chair so you can sit or stand while enjoying the water. The Bahia Marina, check out the colors, performance and weight, we are sure you will love it.

Beautiful with 5 color choices and graphics combinations. We are pleased to introduce our Board to the world manufactured by top industry professionals and Craftsmen with years of engineering experience in the art of epoxy board building. The 240 liter hull floats 528 lbs, so it will easily keep a 250+ paddler stable and will float anyone under that weigh higher which is more efficient It has a hybrid foam core and highest quality epoxy laminating.

Resin with a real Bamboo deck.

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