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Lawaia V4


The Lawaia is a sport utility with a racing heritage.

  • Dimension: 12'6 x 32"
  • Avg. Weight: 29 lb
  • Capacity: 290 lb

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New For Lawaia V4

  • Bamboo Top and Bottom
  • Kevlar Sides
  • Double Layer Deck Padding

Get where you want to go fast, be stable in flat and open water conditions, have the ability to outfit in all the right ways.

Set it up to fish, we will show you how, set it up to carry passengers, your kid, your pet , we will show you how, set it up for a multi day trip we’ll show you that too.  Available in 3 unique colors. The Bahia Lawai’a brings you versatility, efficiency and light weight with durability, this is the hallmark of our product.

You can even enjoy your board sitting by using the optional tie downs for a cooler seat or chair so you can sit or stand while enjoying the water. Additional hull attachment points allow you the ability to attach rod holders, paddle holders, speakers, depth recorders, anchoring implements, structural leaning bars and more. We made sure these were built light weight but strong by using the best materials including real Bamboo veneers, hybrid foams and resins, all hand crafted to our exacting standards.

Length: 12’6

Width: 32″

Volume: 270L

Capacity: 300LB

  • Double Layer Deck Padding
  • x6 Screw Inserts

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